Narin Oz is a mad scientist, obsessed with cleanliness & order, on the mission to cure dirty thoughts using a powerful liquid she discovered from an ancient well which contains the chemical Hydrogen 2 & Oxygen. One drop and you will never have any dirty thoughts ever again… for 12 seconds…WHAT COMPLETE UTTER BOLLOX IT’S WATER..BLOODY WATER FROM THE FACKIN TOILETS. ELLO! ME NAME’S #DIRTYWOMAN NARIN OZ’S SHADOW (Played by Narin Oz)…CUM WATCH ME SABOTAGE HER SEMINAR EVERY TIME SHE RUNS OUT OF WATER AND I’LL LET YOU FLOP IT IN ME HAND…Oi AND GIVE US SOME GRUB & CASH ASWELL.  Join Narin Oz in this disastrous bonkers seminar. (Contains mud, water, nudity with a hint of profanity). 

Yep I'm so happy i'm not doing this show anymore. 

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