I am an actress, comedian & writer available for representation! Please see my CV: https://www.spotlight.com/0697-6751-6581

Known for making bonkers interactive theatre shows that blur the lines of reality & fiction. 

Currently touring my new interactive show called BONQRZ about how making disastrous life choices lead me to decide to be a budgerigar


  • Channel 4's Girls Go Trolling http://www.channel4.com/programmes/girls-go-trolling  (co-wrote & co-starred)
  • Narin Oz: Addicted To Love at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014.  Narin's alter ego Oz trolled the audience (of 4 people) six times a day by pretending to fall in love with an audience member.  She sat with the audience in her car as well as performing physical stunts on the car taking them all on a journey about love & sex addiction.   She was voted as one of the top ten loonies in Chortle Magazine and was interviewed by Mark Watson for BBC2's Edinburgh Nights. 
  • #DirtyWoman: Narin Oz plays a Lunatic Lecturer in this work in progress Theatre Show exploring the most vile human behaviour & language. By the end of the lecture we will conclude why we cannot say shit & piss in public...Ffs