Bonqrz is a dangerous interactive surreal physical comedy show performed by Narin Oz who takes you on a journey, of self acceptance finding wisdom from a budgerigar, blurring the lines of reality & fiction…Is it real? Is it not real?- Come & see for yourself…


Hello! My name is Narin Oz & I am the writer & performer of Bonqrz comedy show. Notoriously i’ve made the same disastrous life choices over & over (it’s never over) again in pursuit of happiness & meaning. However unlike Einstein I did receive different results. All had the same dire consequences! I haven’t found a meaning yet so don’t expect a moral to the story because I know nothing (I can’t remember it). Believe me I have shouted at hippies, researched the internet about positivity, watched the awakened indigo peoples of the android lizard people of Atlanta on Youtube. They all say the same thing, “You are here to learn how to love unconditionally”. I’ve fallen in love three times & these people never loved me back so obviously they are all talking nonsense. So what’s the point of all this suffering? Come along to watch get wisdom from a budgerigar called Mr Boubaloo if you dare. 

"Visceral, visually funny & deeply heartfelt"- Nick Awde, The Stage
"Comedy Genius or someone who should be sectioned", Erkan Mustafa
“Insanity is doing the same thing over & over again & expecting different results”. - Albert Einstein. 
" The imagined child of Andy Kaufman and a supermodel, Narin Oz is a beautiful comic genius"- Martin Walker, Broadway Baby
"An exhilarating, perplexing, intimidatingly intimate Edinburgh Festival Fringe experience" - The List,  Marissa Burgess
“Bonkers!”- Chris Grady
Visceral. Provocative. Hilarious. Completely Nuts! -Stephanie O’Keeffe