A BonQrz style seminar about how Narin Oz’s disastrous life choices made her decide to be a budgerigar.   Narin Oz takes the audience on a very surreal journey of human folly in order to show them why life is now better being a budgerigar.  Oz shares the most embarrassing details of her life & reveals various methods of freeing your mind. These methods create a very effective path to become a fully brainless budgie like Narin Oz.   

“ Fed up of life?  You too can be a budgerigar with my one step programme.  So set yourself free, come join the flock & get a free budgie swing with every cage, Whilst stocks last.  This seminar is purposely unconventional because the moral of the show is intrinsically about self acceptance & the courage to express your true authentic self.  Only then you will be able to walk the path of your true destiny as a budgerigar.  This seminar is so life changing that I will be taking a 20% cut for the rest of your life (Cash only. You will be fitted with a tracking device so that our people can find you)”. 

Bonqrz is written by Narin Ozenci & performed by Narin Oz.  Who is Narin Oz?  Narin Oz lives on the outskirts of society & does not care about convention, your social rules or etiquette. She takes pleasure poking fun of the dark, violently enjoys her sexuality & is completely mischievous, “In essence I am your inner wild budgie ready to be unleashed…Roar…Give me some millet!” 

"Visceral, visually funny & deeply heartfelt"- Nick Awde, The Stage

“The imagined child of Andy Kaufman and a supermodel, Narin Oz is a beautiful comic genius”- Martin Walker, Fringe Pig

"Comedy Genius or someone who should be sectioned", Erkan Mustafa 

"The star rating here is largely a cop-out: the show is almost impossible to rate; it depends on how you take it or where Oz herself will have taken it by the end of the festival. Regardless, its an exhilarating, perplexing experience; exactly what a Fringe show should be". -Marissa Burgess, The List  (Narin Oz: Addicted To Love 2014)

“Bonkers!”- Chris Grady, Mountview Academy Of Theatre Arts.

“‘Incredible bravery…Even more mental than Red Bastard”- Lee Sillitee

Listings Information

Date: 2nd-26th  August 2018 ,

The Laughing Horse The Mockingbird 72-74 Newington Rd, Edinburgh EH9 1QN

Time: 14:45

Tickets: Pay What You Want   Twitter: @narinoz_