"'king mental! gob smacked...Incredible bravery! in awe! Even more mental than Red bastard! thank you for giving so much".

A BonQrz style seminar (Directed by Erkan Mustafa from 80's TV show Grange Hill ) about how Narin Oz’s disastrous life choices made her decide to be a budgerigar. Narin Oz takes the audience on a very surreal journey of human folly in order to show them why life is now better being a budgerigar. Oz shares the most embarrassing details of her life and reveals various methods of freeing your mind. These methods create a very effective path to become a fully brainless budgie like Narin Oz.   

“Fed up of life? You too can be a budgerigar with my one-step programme. So set yourself free, come join the flock & get a free budgie swing with every cage whilst stocks last. This seminar is purposely unconventional because the moral of the show is intrinsically about self-acceptance & the courage to express your true authentic self. Only then you will be able to walk the path of your true destiny as a budgerigar. This seminar is so life-changing that I will be taking a 20% cut for the rest of your life (Cash only. You will be fitted with a tracking device so that our people can find you)”. 

“Visceral, visually funny & deeply heartfelt”, Nick Awde, The Stage

“The imagined child of Andy Kaufman and a supermodel, Narin Oz is a beautiful comic genius”, Martin Walker, Fringe Pig

”Comedy Genius or someone who should be sectioned”, Erkan Mustafa

”‘king mental! gob smacked...Incredible bravery! in awe! Even more mental than Red bastard! thank you for giving so much”.

Bonqrz is written by Narin Ozenci and performed by Narin Oz. Who is Narin Oz? Narin Oz lives on the outskirts of society and does not care about convention, your social rules or etiquette. She takes pleasure poking fun of the dark, violently enjoys her sexuality and is completely mischievous, “In essence, I am your inner wild budgie ready to be unleashed…Roar…Give me some millet!” 

Since 19, Narin has performed surreal pieces for her Performance Art Degree & around the London circuit. In 2014, she took her first show up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, a comedy prank show, Narin Oz: Addicted To Love (Show in and on her car). She then went on to co-write & co-star in Channel 4’s Girls Go Trolling. In 2017, she took a work in progress show up to the Ed Fringe, #Dirtywoman (Chucks compost about, gets her kit off and smears herself in it). All her shows combine various disciplines practiced and studied throughout her life; performance art, clowning, stand up, bouffon, prank, method acting & mental illness.  

“ It’s an exhilarating, perplexing experience; exactly what a Fringe show should be”, Marissa Burgess, The List

“Bonkers!”, Chris Grady, Mountview Academy Of Theatre Arts.

“Incredible bravery…Even more mental than Red Bastard”, Lee Sillitee