Gig details coming soon.

I am known to play my alter ego Narin Oz and make outrageous shows (Narin Oz: Addicted To Love, #Dirtywoman, BonQrz. I am ashamed of them all. I don’t have any favourites. My least favourite show I have created for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is BonQrz. Here is a one of many emails I receive after doing a show:


So as you can see most people love my stuff and get it. They get that I am playing a character and know they are taking part in an interactive satirical lecture about nonsense. Other times though you get people who don’t understand what I am doing.

Anyway - I am doing conventional stand up comedy now under the name Narin Ozenci. No costume. No props. No wacky satirical interactive world. No character. No weird costume. Just jokes. You know. One Mic. Set Up Punch line. It might be a bit wacky as well though…So squares don’t bother coming please.

Topics of jokes: Job, human beings, psychology, ADHD, vaginas, loneliness, unemployment, Security Sector, sex

Style: Extremely dead pan surreal.

Gig list coming soon!